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Meet the Team

Get to know the people of Sweetwater Propane!

One of the advantages Sweetwater Propane offers is that we’re a locally owned and operated business. We’re your neighbors, committed to providing the best propane delivery and service to local residents, businesses and farms.

You don’t get some far-off call center when you call us. You get someone from right here in Southern Pennsylvania of New York’s Finger Lakes Region, someone who understands the difference between Shippensburg and Strasburg, or Corning and Clyde.

Our team is trained, experienced and knowledgeable about propane, how it can be used and its best practices for safety. You can be assured that your propane delivery, propane tank and monitor installation and cylinder exchanges will be done to the highest standards for respectful service as well as safety.

Office Department

Paul Beiler

Charlet Simmelink
Office Manager

Robyn Hollow
Customer Support Specialist

Lisa Vallery
Customer Support Specialist

Bulk Propane Department

Matthew Clark
Delivery Driver

Ron Groff
Delivery Driver

Hans Shore
Delivery Driver

Rich Simmelink
Delivery Driver

Brian Thompson
Transport Driver

Joe Thompson
Delivery Driver

Service Department

Jesse Detweiler
Service Manager

Samantha Lutz
Assistant Manager

James Hasse
Service Technician

Jeron Oberholtzer
Service Technician

Carl Detweiler
Service Technician

Cylinder Department

Justin Jefferies
Sales Manager / Delivery Driver

Bryan Johnston
Delivery Driver

Joe Strazza
Delivery Driver

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