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Posted: July 3, 2023

Are Propane Forklifts Efficient?

Sweetwater Propane helps you grow your business!

gas forklifts glen, ny If you use forklifts in your business, you know what an essential piece of equipment they are.

Whether you’re moving large bags of seed and fertilizer at your farm or large pallets of goods at a distribution center, forklifts get the job done faster, safer, and easier than simply using manpower.

Many industries are switching to propane-powered forklifts, thanks to all the efficiency and other benefits they offer. Businesses here in Southern Pennsylvania know they can rely on Sweetwater Propane’s propane forklift services.

Our propane forklift cylinder services are customized to meet your specific requirements. As a local business, we prioritize our customers and aim to enhance your operations every day. This sets us apart from bigger, national propane companies.

We will start by having a consultation to talk about your propane needs for forklifts and create a personalized cylinder exchange service that meets those needs.

Once that’s done, we set up sturdy and secure cylinder storage cages at your business and stock them with clean, safe, certified cylinders. Since we’re local, we can quickly adjust your cylinder delivery and exchange service as your needs change.

What makes propane forklifts efficient?

Let’s start with energy efficiency. Using propane as fuel for your forklifts is highly efficient compared to diesel and gasoline. With a 33-pound cylinder in a forklift that has a four-cylinder engine, you can experience eight hours of continuous operation, which is equivalent to a complete work shift.

To improve efficiency, suggest to your workers that they keep track of the amount of fuel in their forklift cylinders. This will minimize downtime by returning forklifts to the cylinder cage when they start running low on fuel. Also, remind them not to switch out cylinders until all the fuel has been used up, as this wastes fuel.

Now, let’s address another kind of efficiency: workplace productivity. Propane forklifts help with that in many ways!

Since propane forklift cylinders often last a full shift, your employees will not need to stop work to deal with a forklift that has run out of power. Even if their propane forklift does run out of fuel during their shift, refueling them takes less than five minutes. All they do is replace the empty cylinder with a full one and they’re back on the job!

That’s much faster and easier than other kinds of forklifts. When an electric forklift runs out of power, it’s sidelined for about eight hours while it recharges. That means you’ll be down a forklift while trying to get work done.

Refilling gasoline or diesel forklifts takes more time than a forklift cylinder swap. There is also the threat of even more lost time and productivity in the event of a fuel spill thanks to needed cleanup tasks.

What are the other benefits of propane forklifts?

Outstanding efficiency and productivity are just the start of how propane forklifts are better for your business than electric, gasoline, or diesel forklifts. Here are some other ways propane forklifts stand head-and-shoulders above the crowd.

Full power all the time – Electric forklifts start to lose power as the battery drains, while propane forklifts don’t lose power until they run out of fuel.

Propane forklifts work anywhere – Forklifts that run on electricity have a shorter operating time when it’s raining and face difficulties when carrying heavy loads up inclines. On the other hand, diesel and gasoline forklifts can’t be used indoors because of unsafe and unhealthy emissions.

Propane is a clean fuel – It produces minimal amounts of nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, particulate matter, and methane. This makes propane forklifts safe to use indoors and outdoors, and it runs better outdoors in all types of weather.

Partner with Sweetwater Propane for reliable forklift propane cylinder exchange services! Contact us today for a consultation.