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A diverse range of businesses here in Southern Pennsylvania benefit from the advantages propane can offer.

Sweetwater Propane has the reliable propane supply, dependable propane delivery and responsive, customized services that allow your businesses to prosper. We offer:

Our commercial propane team will go over your business’s propane needs and create a plan tailored to meet those needs and also be flexible as your business grows and needs change. We also offer competitive and transparent pricing.

Forklift propane services

We’ll set up a customized cylinder exchange and storage system for your business.

Using propane-powered forklifts provides many advantages to your business. Here are some of them.

Reliability. Your propane forklifts can be quickly and easily refueled simply by replacing the empty cylinder for a full one. Electric forklifts can be sidelined for eight hours or more for recharging.

Power. Propane forklifts run at full power as long as there is gas in the cylinder. Electric forklifts lose power as the battery is drained. Propane forklifts also are more powerful than electric models on inclines.

Versatility. Gasoline-powered forklifts cannot be used indoors because of their emissions. Propane forklifts create no emissions, so they are safe to use indoors as well as outside, making them ideal for warehouses and distribution centers. They can also work in wet conditions outdoors, something electric forklifts cannot do.

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Agricultural propane services

You’ll be amazed at all the ways propane makes work on a farm more productive as well as environmentally friendly.
For starters, propane provides even heating that is beneficial for both your animals and plants. It creates a safe and warm environment for livestock or poultry, helps seedlings grow and is there for you without needing to be in an area with natural gas service.

Propane is a clean-burning alternative fuel that can power forklifts, irrigation equipment and more. By using propane flame weed control, you can eliminate weeds without having to use dangerous herbicides that damage your soil. This method also allows you to get right back work in your fields with no worries about health or safety concerns.

You can’t beat propane when it comes to being the right fuel source for crop drying. Propane crop-drying equipment is up 50% more efficient than crop dryers that use other fuels. Also, your yield when you dry your crops with propane is greater than when you dry it outdoors, where some can be lost to rot.

Bulk propane services

Using bulk propane is a cost-effective way to manage your company’s propane needs for heating, water heating and other uses such as commercial generators.

We’ll set up a delivery schedule to commercial, industrial and agricultural sites with tanks 18,000 gallons or larger.

Propane cylinder exchange services

Sweetwater Propane carries propane cylinders in 20, 33, 60 and 100 pounds. We can set up a personalized propane cylinder exchange service for your business.

Construction businesses love propane because it is ideal to provide temporary heating services at construction and renovation sites. Using temporary heating creates a safe workspace where workers can be comfortable and productive. It also allows materials such as paint, stucco and plaster to dry and cure properly. Propane can also power ground-thawing equipment for outdoor paving and stonework projects.

The commercial propane experts at Sweetwater Propane are ready to get to work for you! Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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