Posted: August 21, 2023

How Long Does a Propane Tank Last?

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propane tank Ovid, ny Do you use propane in your home? Then you’re probably aware of the numerous advantages it offers. Propane stands out for its exceptional energy efficiency and versatility, making it an excellent choice.

If you’ve recently purchased a home that utilizes propane, get ready to experience its numerous benefits! Propane is the ideal solution for enhancing your home’s comfort and convenience. It provides efficient heating, precise cooking on a gas range, a cozy ambiance with a gas fireplace, peace of mind through a backup generator, and so much more.

Whether you’re a newcomer to propane or have had it in your home for some time, you might find yourself unfamiliar with the details of your propane tank. If the tank was already in place when you moved in, it’s entirely possible that you have no knowledge of its age.

This lack of knowledge raise questions, including:

Let us assist you in selecting the ideal propane tank size for your residence and installing an aboveground tank. We carefully consider your propane requirements within your home. At Sweetwater Propane, you can have peace of mind knowing that our knowledgeable team will handle the installation and maintenance of your tank. Furthermore, we provide reliable propane delivery services!

To enhance your understanding of your home’s propane tank, we have compiled crucial information to share with you. This comprehensive guide is designed to provide valuable insights into the workings of your propane tank, ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and maintain its optimal performance.

Propane tank life expectancy

Propane tank manufacturers prioritize safety and durability in their modern constructions. Aboveground tanks typically last for a minimum of 30 years, while underground tanks have a slightly shorter life expectancy of 20 to 30 years. The actual duration depends on factors such as soil composition and proper installation methods.

Proper installation of your tank should minimize the need for maintenance. However, here are some easy guidelines to ensure your tank remains in excellent condition.

  1. Ensure you schedule annual maintenance to conduct a comprehensive examination of the tank and inspect the regulators thoroughly.
  2. Your home’s propane appliances should also get an annual tune-up and have the connectors checked as well.
  3. Don’t let your tank run out of propane. An empty propane tank may result in the emergence of leaks down the line.

To ensure a continuous supply of propane in your tank, we offer the convenience of enrolling in our Automatic Delivery service. By utilizing wireless propane tank monitoring , which employs technology similar to smartphones, we can keep track of the propane levels in your tank 24/7. When the monitor detects the need for a refill, it promptly notifies us, and we will arrange a propane delivery . With our seamless process, having propane has never been easier!

How long do propane cylinders last?

If you use propane cylinders for your grill, firepit, or portable generator, you know how easy and convenient they can be. That’s especially true when you use Sweetwater Propane’s cylinder exchange, located at our offices and retail locations throughout Southern Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, if your cylinder is damaged, rusty, or no longer certified, it cannot be refilled. Propane cylinders are certified for a period of 12 years from the date of manufacture. Here’s how you can determine the age of your cylinder:

Look on the collar of the cylinder and you will notice a date stamped near the valve. That is the month and year of when it was manufactured. For example, if the number reads “9-14,” it means that the cylinder was manufactured in September of 2014 and will need to be recertified in September of 2026.

Using our cylinder exchange service means you don’t have to worry about this, because every cylinder we offer is clean, inspected, safe, and certified.

Whether you need a propane tank for your home, or a full cylinder for your grill, Sweetwater Propane is here for you! Contact us today to learn more.