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Posted: January 8, 2024

Food Truck Propane Tank Services

Sweetwater Propane helps your food truck serve your customers

commercial propane Newburg, PA With an increasing number of individuals working remotely or on the go, the appeal of food trucks for breakfast or lunch is becoming evident. Moreover, food trucks are gaining significant popularity in proximity to colleges and universities.

No matter if you’re dishing out breakfast sandwiches, tacos and burritos, barbecue, kebabs, pizza, or any other delicious delight, having a dependable and cost-effective fuel source for your cooking equipment is vital.

Propane is the premier choice for food trucks, offering a multitude of benefits. Its powerful and consistent flame efficiently heats both food and water. Not only does it produce minimal methane, but it also emits remarkably low levels of carbon, particulate matter, and oxides. Moreover, the stability of propane’s price, combined with its predominantly domestic production, further enhances its appeal as a fuel option.

Sweetwater Propane is the leading provider of food truck propane in this region. As part of our commercial propane services, we provide propane cylinder exchange services for 20-, 33-, 60-, and 100-pound cylinders.

Our commercial propane experts will set up a customized and flexible cylinder exchange service, so your food trucks always have the propane needed to provide stellar service.

Here are some considerations when planning your truck’s fuel.

What are the advantages for using propane in food trucks?

Propane’s versatility makes it a slam-dunk choice for food trucks! It can be used in many ways to maximize efficiency and quality cooking.

The most common way propane is used is to power cooktops, flattops, and grills. Propane provides precise and instant temperature control that help you prepare food perfectly.

Propane is also used to power generators for other food trucks equipment including refrigerators, freezers, and fryers.

What kind of propane tanks are used on food trucks?

By and large, most food trucks use 100-pound propane tanks. These containers offer a suitable balance between saving space and storing enough fuel. Your business’s needs may vary.

There are two main ways to place propane tanks on a food truck:

Horizontal placement: In this scenario, the tank is positioned beneath the truck, nestled in a protective compartment. This placement shields the tank from collision impacts, yet it remains susceptible to potential encounters with sizable road debris. Moreover, concerns arise regarding accessibility. If the need to replace the fuel tank arises during the daytime, the process can be burdensome due to the confined space beneath the truck. This limited access becomes particularly worrisome in the event of a leak.

Vertical placement: Another option is to mount the tanks vertically on the back of the truck, positioning them above the bumper to reduce the risk of rupture in case of a traffic accident. Although this exposes the tank more, it offers notable benefits. Vertical tanks not only provide better accessibility but also tend to be more cost-effective compared to horizontal ones.

Partner with Sweetwater Propane for your food truck propane needs! Contact us today for a consultation.