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Posted: June 5, 2023

The Right Propane Tank for Your Business

Trust Sweetwater Propane for your commercial propane needs

commercial propane tank Geneva, ny So many kinds of businesses in our service area use propane, and those uses for propane are just as diverse.

That’s why your business or farm needs a commercial propane company that is not only reliable but also flexible and responsive when it comes to its service. You get all that and more with Sweetwater Propane!

We offer complete propane services to our commercial and agricultural propane customers, so you know you’ll always be able to count on us.

One way we tailor our propane services to your business or farm is with propane tanks. We’ll make sure you have the right ones for your business. Let’s go over what’s available.

Commercial tank sizes

Portable propane tanks. These are tanks that are not fixed to one location. They can be delivered to and exchanged at your work site or brought into a refill station for refilling. These are the sizes and applications for them:

Forklift propane cylinders. Using propane forklifts offers many advantages to businesses and farms. Downtime when the forklift is out of fuel is virtually eliminated. All the employees need to do is swap out the empty cylinder for a full one, and they’re back on the job in just a few minutes! Electric forklifts can take up to eight hours to recharge. They’re also not great outdoors or in wet conditions and lose power as the battery is drained. Propane forklifts run at full power until the tank is empty. Unlike gasoline or diesel forklifts, propane forklifts can be used both inside and outdoors.

The most common size for propane forklift cylinders is 33 pounds, although some forklifts use a 44-pound cylinder.

Fixed propane tanks. These are ones that are permanently installed at your business, either aboveground or underground. Sweetwater Propane will help determine the size you need, and we offer expert tank installation and affordable leasing. These are the common sizes.

320-gallon tanks are used for supplemental heating and to power appliances such as water heaters, grills, and commercial deep fryers.

500-gallon tanks have a wide array of applications including heating, water heating, commercial ranges and other appliances, and standby generators.

1,000-gallon tanks are for when you have larger spaces you need heated, commercial kitchens (restaurants, catering, events facilities, golf courses, resorts), and small-scale autogas fleet fueling.

2,000-gallon tanks are commonly utilized in larger industrial facilities, construction sites, or for farming purposes that need a large supply of propane such as crop drying.

5,000-gallon tanks are ideal for businesses that fuel a large propane autogas-powered vehicle fleet.

Put propane to work for your business! Contact Sweetwater Propane today for a consultation.