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Posted: September 18, 2023

Why Isn’t My Propane Tank 100% Full After a Delivery?

Get safe, reliable propane delivery from Sweetwater Propane

propane tank Reading, pa If you have ever gone to check your propane tank after a delivery from Sweetwater Propane, you may have been surprised that the propane tank was not filled to 100% capacity. You then may have wondered if we’d shorted you.

We didn’t. The reason behind not filling your propane tank all the way is to ensure the utmost safety when it comes to propane.

Like water, propane expands when heated. However, unlike water, propane expands about 17 times more for the same temperature increase. By not filling the propane tank completely, it leaves room for expansion when it gets hot outside, ensuring the safety of the tank.

Aboveground propane tanks are typically filled up to around 80% capacity, whereas in-ground tanks can be filled slightly higher. The reason behind this is that the underground tank benefits from insulation provided by the surrounding ground, which serves as a protective barrier against extreme temperature fluctuations.

Wireless tank monitoring makes having propane easy!

If you have propane delivered to your home, you know that managing your propane supply is essential to making sure there’s always enough propane in your tank to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Sweetwater Propane takes all the work and worry over your propane supply away with our wireless propane tank monitoring. You not only get this service for FREE, you also get a discount of 5 cents per gallon for your propane!

The wireless propane tank monitor employs advanced cellular and WiFi technology, similar to your smartphone, to deliver Sweetwater Propane with constant real-time updates, 24/7, on the exact propane level in your tank.

Once your propane tank gauge reaches a predetermined level, we will promptly arrange a propane delivery. This remarkable technology streamlines the process of replenishing your propane supply, making it effortless and convenient for you.

You don’t even have to be home when Sweetwater Propane installs it because all installation work is done outdoors! The monitor will be quickly set up on your propane tank, allowing you to immediately enjoy its benefits.

Our wireless propane tank monitoring is a valuable service that brings benefits to all our customers. Imagine the convenience of never having to worry about getting more propane when you need it.

Nevertheless, there are certain customers who can reap greater advantages from wireless propane tank monitoring.

An example of such individuals includes frequent travelers or those who live away from home for a portion of the year, like snowbirds. Wherever they may be, they can rest easy knowing that their propane supply is taken care of and unnecessary deliveries are avoided.

Another group of customers who would find value are individuals who own second homes or income properties. It saves the work and worry of having to go to multiple locations to track propane tank gauge levels.

If you manage the affairs of an elderly parent or relative, wireless propane tank monitoring takes the work of checking their propane supply off your plate while giving you both assurance that they will always have the propane they need for their home.

With dependable propane delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring from Sweetwater Propane, you get peace of mind about your home’s propane supply! Become a customer today.