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Residential Propane in Chambersburg, PA, and Elmira, NY, and surrounding communities

You can count on Sweetwater Propane for reliable propane service for your home!

residential propaneIf you use propane in your home, you know what an outstanding energy source it is for keeping your home warm, safe and comfortable.

If you’re new to having propane in your home, you may be looking for a propane service company. In Southern Pennsylvania and New York’s Finger Lakes Region, you can trust Sweetwater Propane!

We provide complete propane service so you can be assured that your home’s propane appliances have the fuel they need. We give you responsive, courteous and personal service that you don’t get from the big, national propane companies.

Our residential propane services

Propane delivery. Sweetwater Propane makes getting propane delivered to your home simple with our Automatic Delivery option. You don’t have to check your propane tank’s gauge levels or call us to get your propane because we track your propane supply and schedule the delivery for you!

Propane tanks. We sell and install both aboveground and underground propane tanks in a wide range of sizes for our customers in the Lancaster and Newburg (Pennsylvania) areas, so you’ll have the right tank for your home’s propane needs. We’ll also help you purchase your leased tank from your former propane company. Own your own tank? You get a discount on your propane if you sign up for Automatic Delivery!

Wireless propane tank monitoring. Our Automatic Delivery customers get complete peace of mind about never running out of propane because we install wireless propane tank monitors on their tanks! We know, 24/7, precisely how much propane you have and exactly when you need a delivery.

Propane cylinder exchange. If you need a full propane cylinder for your home’s grill, portable generator, or firepit, you can come to one of our self-serve or store propane cylinder exchange locations in Pennsylvania.

Pricing and payment options. Our personalized service extends to how you manage your propane costs. You can choose from several options to best fit your needs as well as your budget.

How Can We Help?

Propane: Versatile, efficient and reliable

There are many ways propane can improve your home’s value and make your life more comfortable. Just take a look around your house to see how propane could be put to use.

Heating your home with propane gives you consistent, even heating with outstanding energy efficiency. Cooking on a propane gas range lets you enjoy precise, instant temperature control and outstanding results. You get high-efficiency water heating with a propane water heater and endless hot water on-demand with a propane tankless water heater. A propane clothes dryer makes your life on laundry day significantly easier by completing the drying process 25% faster than an electric model would, while also causing less wear and fewer wrinkles. At the push of a button, propane fireplaces and fireplace inserts give you comfort and ambiance.

Propane backup generators are whole-house systems that provide power in the event of an electricity outage. They keep your home lighted and prevent food spoilage by powering refrigerators and freezers. In addition, propane generators can provide HVAC systems, medical equipment such as CPAPs, and electronics.

Are you ready to enjoy all that propane can do for your home along with worry-free service? Become a Sweetwater Propane customer today!

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