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Propane Pricing & Payment Options

Sweetwater Propane can help you save on your price of propane

budget plan

These days, we’re all trying to get better control of our household expenses. Whether it’s clipping coupons, buying in bulk or planning errands to be more efficient with your gasoline usage, every bit helps.

We at Sweetwater Propane get that. We’re a locally owned and operated business, and our employees live in your communities. That understanding is why we offer pricing and payment options that you can choose from to manage your propane costs in a way that best suits you.

Budget Plan

If you use propane for home heating, your propane bills during winter are likely higher than the rest of the year. It’s pretty inconvenient and can be challenging, especially with other expenses like the holidays, tax bills and tuition payments.

Sweetwater Propane takes you off the propane-billing roller coaster with our Budget Plan! Once you enroll, your home’s propane costs are spread out over 12 easy and even monthly installments. You won’t get sticker shock when you get your bill because you’ll already know how much you’ll be paying.

And, unlike other propane companies, you can enroll any time of year!

How Can We Help?

Propane delivery options

Automatic Delivery helps keep your propane costs under control because you will never have to worry about running low on, or worse, running out of propane and having to deal with added expenses, such as emergency delivery fees, mandatory propane tank pressure testing and required professional relighting of all your propane appliances.

With Automatic Delivery, you also get FREE wireless propane tank monitoring, so we know precisely when you need more propane and schedule a delivery. You don’t have to do a thing!

Remember, if you use Will-Call, it is solely your responsibility to check your propane tank gauge levels and request a propane delivery before your tank falls below 30% full.

Save money on your propane price

Thanks to propane’s energy efficiency, it is already a cost-effective way to keep your home warm, safe and comfortable. We can help you save even more money. If you are an Automatic Delivery customer and own your own propane tank, either purchased from us or elsewhere, you get a discount of 5 cents per gallon with every delivery!

We offer propane tank sales and installation and can also assist you in purchasing your current tank if it is leased from another propane company.

Pre-Buy Propane Price Protection Agreement

One of the biggest worries when it comes to managing your home’s energy costs is a sudden price spike. They can happen for a variety of reasons, including natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes that affect production, geopolitical conflicts and wars like Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, and infrastructure failures.

Sweetwater Propane helps to eliminate worries over price spikes during heating season with our Pre-Buy Propane Price Protection Agreement! You’ll lock in your per-gallon price for your propane when you enroll. No matter how crazy the energy markets get in the winter, you’ll have the stability of your propane price not changing.

Do you have questions about Sweetwater Propane’s pricing and payment options? Get in touch with us to learn more about them and enroll in the plans that best suit you!

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