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Propane Delivery in Southeast PA and Finger Lakes

You can’t beat Sweetwater Propane for reliable and courteous propane delivery services!

propane delivery

Propane can do so much for the quality of life in your home, thanks to its versatility, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Here are just some of the benefits propane offers:

To enjoy all these benefits, you need a propane delivery company you can trust will deliver your propane when you need it. In Southern Pennsylvania and the Finger Lakes Region of New York, that company is Sweetwater Propane! We have the dependable supply, a fleet of well-maintained delivery trucks and a team of trained and skilled delivery drivers committed to outstanding service that make us the propane company many of your neighbors trust.

Automatic Delivery: Ease and convenience

One thing you never want to have happen is to run out of propane, which can happen when you use Will-Call and forget to regularly check your propane tank gauge levels.

There’s more to fixing a propane run-out than simply calling us at Sweetwater Propane and having us refill your tank. There are additional hassles and expenses. Emergency propane deliveries come with added fees. You also are required to have a professional perform a pressure test on your propane tank and relight the pilots on all your propane appliances.

Fortunately, Sweetwater Propane makes it easy to always have propane with our Automatic Delivery. We track your propane usage with our wireless propane tank monitoring and schedule a propane delivery when you need more. You don’t have to do anything!

How Can We Help?

Wireless propane tank monitoring for peace of mind

Some propane delivery companies who offer Automatic Delivery service claim they can predict when you’ll need more propane using what is called a degree-day calculation along with your propane usage history. It’s usually pretty good, but it’s not exact.

That’s especially true when changes in your home life affect your propane usage. For example, if you enclose your sunporch for four-season use, or your elderly parents move in with you, you are probably going to be using more propane. Those calculations likely don’t factor those changes in, meaning you could end up running low on propane and needing an emergency delivery.

Wireless propane tank monitoring eliminates all doubts and worries. The monitor measures the amount of propane in your tank constantly and uses wireless and cellular technology to transmit that information to Sweetwater Propane 24/7. When your tank gauge reaches a set level, the monitor notifies us, and we schedule a delivery before you run low.

By the way, wireless propane tank monitoring is a FREE service for Automatic Delivery customers! It is a great investment in our customer service because it allows us to more efficiently plan and manage propane deliveries, giving us the chance to serve more customers each day while remaining available for emergency delivery services as well.

Another benefit of wireless propane tank monitoring is that by having it, you get a discount of 5 cents per gallon on every delivery.

While all our customers can benefit from wireless propane tank monitoring, there are some for whom this service is ideal. Here are some examples:

People who travel frequently or live elsewhere part of the year. If you are a snowbird living in a warmer part of the country for several months, or someone who is on the road often for work, your propane usage can be erratic. Wireless tank monitoring eliminates any uncertainties over getting propane exactly when you need it.

People who own second homes or income properties. Whether it’s a family vacation home in the Finger Lakes or a Lancaster County rental property, you can be assured it will always have propane even if you’re not there full-time.

People who manage affairs for elderly parents and relatives. You have peace of mind your loved ones will always have the propane to keep their homes safe and comfortable even if you aren’t there to check the tank gauge regularly.

From Newburg, PA, to Trumansburg, NY, you’ll never have to worry about having enough propane with Sweetwater Propane’s dependable propane delivery service! Become a customer today.

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