Propane Tank Installation in Southeast PA and Finger Lakes

Sweetwater Propane makes having a propane tank simple and worry-free!

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If you are purchasing a new home and it uses propane, or if you are converting your home to use propane, congratulations! You are getting an energy source that offers outstanding energy efficiency, convenience and comfort.

To enjoy the amenities propane provides, you need a propane tank. Sweetwater Propane offers expert propane tank installation and service to our Pennsylvania customers and will help you choose the right size propane tank to meet your propane needs.

The right size propane tank for your home allows you to not need propane delivery as frequently than if your tank is too small. With Automatic Delivery including FREE wireless propane tank monitoring, you never have to worry about managing your propane supply because we do that for you!

Our Pennsylvania propane tank services

Sweetwater Propane makes it easy to have a propane tank at your home. We sell and install both new and refurbished propane tanks in a wide array of sizes and offer affordable, transparent installment plans to help with the purchase of your propane tank.

Your propane tank installation will be performed by trained and experienced professionals and done to the highest standards for safety and quality. We offer both aboveground and underground installations, depending on the size of your tank (see below).

Once your propane tank is installed, we offer leak testing, tank maintenance and more.

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Propane tank sizes (PA only)

propane tank sizes

Propane tanks are not one-size-fits-all. You and your neighbor may have homes of a similar size, but you may need different sizes of propane tanks.

That is because so many factors affect your propane usage and needs. These factors include not only the size of your home but its age, the number of windows and how well it is insulated. How you use propane, the age and condition of your propane heating system and the number of propane appliances in your home also play a part in determining what size propane tank is appropriate for your home.

Sweetwater Propane is all about personalized service. We’ll go over how you use propane along with all the other factors mentioned above to come up with the right size propane tank for your home. We’ll also cover other matters that may affect future propane use, like having more children, having elderly parents move in or adding space to your home like a home addition or putting in an ensuite bathroom in your primary bedroom.

Here are the sizes of propane tanks we install so you have an idea of which size may work best for your home and your family:

120 gallons (new tanks): This tank size is for homes that only have one small propane gas appliance, like a dryer or fireplace.

250 gallons (new and refurbished tanks): If your home has three or more appliances that use propane, then a tank of this size may be the best option. These appliances could include a water heater, range, fireplace, dryer and space heater.

330 gallons (new and refurbished tanks): This size tank works for homes that have lots of propane appliances or use their propane appliances a lot. It can also be used to power propane whole-house backup generators. It is not large enough for whole-house heating.

500 gallons (new and refurbished tanks, both aboveground and underground): Most homes who use propane for whole-house heating will require this size tank.

1,000 gallons (new and refurbished tanks, both aboveground and underground): This size tank is most commonly used in commercial and industrial applications. However, they are also used for very large homes that use propane for home heating and water heating and use many propane appliances including high-BTU appliances such as pool and spa heaters.

Do you have questions about Sweetwater Propane’s propane tank services? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help!

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